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Synod Mission Board

The Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod constituted the Synod Mission Board (SMB) in 1961 to promote evangelistic works within and outside the territory and to renew the Churches for mission and evangelism.

Mission Statement

The Synod Mission Board of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church strives for the promotion of evangelistic works within and outside the territory and for continual renewal of the Churches, the Church related institutions and individual Christians to be effective witness for Christ. Ensures solidarity, cooperation, and harmony of the Churches and institutions within its statement of faith.

Mission Objectives

1. Reaching the unreached people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
2. Strengthening and uplifting the believers in faith, unity and unified Christian activities.
3. Planting and edifying the Churches to the status of self-supporting, self-propagating and self-governing.
4. Extending partnership and collaborative net working among the Churches and Christian Organisation.

The SMB will exercise overall directions of the ministry including the following specific functions.
The Synod Mission Board (SMB) :
1. will appoint 15 members from the members of the SMB to form Board Executive Committee (BEC). It shall be called BEC here in after.
2. will approve the job descriptions of the Secretary SMB.
3. will recommend constitution and bylaw changes to the Synod Executive Committee (SEC).
4. will approve the policies, plans, strategies of the SMB.
5. will prepare financial budgets subject to the approval of the Synod Meeting.
6. will approve the projects to be undertaken by the SMB.
7. will make administrative arrangements necessary for the smooth running of the ministry.
8. will determine the terms and reference of any committee appointed by it.
9. will receive and approve reports from the Secretary, SMB.
10. will do transfer and posting of the workers.

Current Activities

The Synod Mission Board achieves its objectives through :

1. holding relevant workshops, seminars, mission awareness campaigns, consultations to build Christian capacity.
2. publishing monthly Mission journal.
3. running Missionary Training institution for in-service and Pre-Service Missionaries.
4. running Mission Development Training Centre
5. unning Bible Schools with Hindi and Manipuri Medium of instructions.
6. Formal educational institutions.
7. Non-Formal Educational ministry.
8. Direct evangelistic ministry
9. Medical Ministry
10.Agriculture and Horticulture ministry
11.Pastoral care and Church administration
12.Philanthropic ministry
13.supporting native Christians for theological studies to promote pastoral ministry and leadership capacity.
14.partnering with other Churches and Organisations.


Praise the Lord for the dynamic mission movement that has blossomed in Mizoram which enables the SMB to send out 1449 missionaries to the mission fields. The operational areas are as follows :

Arunachal East
Arunachal West
Barak Area
Karbi Anglong
Non-Mizo in Mizoram
Home Mission North
Home Mission South

Partnership with other Agencies

The SMB collaborates with:

Emmanuel Hospital Association (EHA)
United Mission to Nepal (UMN)
Council for World Mission (C.W.M.)
Friends Missionary Prayer Band (FMPB)
Evangelical Presbyterian Church, Sikkim (EPC)
The Lucknow Diocese of CNI
Patna Diocese of CNI
Indian Mission Association (IMA)
The Presbyterian Church of USA (PCUSA)
Indian Evangelical Mission (IEM)
Evangelical Fellowship of India
Youth with a Mission (YWAM)
Christian Reformed World Mission (CRWM)
Operation Mobilization (OM)
Church Mission Society (CMS)


The Mission Board is financially self-supported. Besides the collections for Pastoral Ministry, it has several other sources to support the Mission works of which local church contribution is one of them. Besides this almost all the local church, Youth Organisation, Women Fellowship and zealous individuals support missionaries at a flat rate of Rs.1000/- per one missionary.

The figure below indicates rapid increase in giving for mission work.

1932 - Rs. 26/-
1942 - Rs.840/-
1952 - Rs.758/-
1962 - Rs. 13,896/-
1972 - Rs.1,43,203/-
1982 - Rs. 20,93,891/-
1992 - Rs. 3,01,65,006/-
2002 - Rs. 11,25,19,256/-
2004 - Rs. 15,20,76,000/-
2007 - Rs. 20,55,47,900/-


Procedure of Board Membership
The Synod Meeting will appoint 5 members to be the members of the SMB. Moreover, each of the 24 Presbyteries of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church will elect 2 members to represent their respective Presbyteries to the SMB.

Ex-Officio members
The Synod Moderator, the Presiding officer of the SMB, the Secretary, Synod Mission Board, the Synod Secretary (Sr), the Executive Secretary i/c Mission, and Co-ordinator i/c Mission of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church are the Ex-officio members of the SMB.

BEC is the sub-committee of the SMB.
The BEC -
will receive proposals from the fields, etc.
will discuss and deliberate all matters prior to the SMB Meetings.
will deal with urgent matters on behalf of SMB.
will forward all the policy matters to the SMB after careful deliberation.
will recommend financial budget to the SMB.
will recommend personnel needs to the SMB.
will appoint workers subject to the approval of SMB.


Thank God for blessing us with 5245 new believers within the year 2011. Please pray for their spiritual growth.


Contact -

Synod Mission Board
Synod Office - 796 001
Telephone - 91 0389 2325899, 2326372
Fax No. 91 0389 2316140, 2322132

E-mail :

For detail information kindly contact the following persons:

Rev. B. Sangthanga
Executive Secretary, i/c Mission, etc
Mizoram Presbyterian Church Synod
Telephone - 91 0389 2316436 (O)

Rev. K. Lalrinmawia
Secretary, Synod Mission Board
Telephone - 91 0389 2335175 (R)

Dr. Robert S. Halliday
Co-ordinator, Synod Mission Board
Telephone - 91 0389 2325899 (O)





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