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Khawvel ram hrang hranga hruaitu lian – an Lal, President leh Prime Minister ten dikna leh zalenna an ken kawh zel theih nan

Khawvelah inhuatna, tharum thawhna leh indonate a lo reha, inunauna leh inpumkhatna a lo awm theih nan. He lama hma latu UNO tan

Khawvelah remna leh muanna a thlen theih nan



The Synod Multipurpose Training Centre (SMTC) is located in Mission Vengthlang, Aizawl. Rev. C. Rosiama inaugurated the SMTC on 12th January 1996, the then Moderator of the Mizoram Presbyterian Church, Synod. The following are the background information of this department.

Origin of SMTC:
The Synod Meeting held in 1988 decided to shift the Aizawl Theological College (ATC) situated at Mission Vengthlang to 'Pi Hangi Lunglen tlang' (Durtlang) as a project of the Mizoram Gospel Centenary Celebrations (Synod 1988, Gen. No. 33). The Synod Meeting of 1993 resolved to use the old ATC Complex for the 'Christian Multipurpose Training Centre'. In June 1995, the Aizawl Theological College moved to the new Campus and the SMTC was inaugurated at the old complex on 12th January 1996. Thus the place where ordained ministers become a centre for training lay people for Church ministry.

Status of SMTC:
According to the resolution of the Synod, 'SMTC will be under the Pastoral Ministry of the Synod, and will function as one of the sub-committees of the Synod Executive Committee. The Executive Secretary i/c SMTC will be the overall in charge of the administration and all the expenses incurred will be borne from the budget of the Pastoral Ministry. All the training programmes organised by the different departments under the Synod will be held at SMTC. It will function under the supervision of the Managing Committee appointed by the Synod Executive Committee' ( vide Synod 2000, Resolution No. Gen. 68, vide SEC 176:13 App. 13).

Managing Committee:
There are 6 members in the Managing Committee nominated by the Synod Executive Committee for a term of three years.

Chairman : Executive Secretary i/c SMTC
Secretary : Programme Director

Members :
1) Upa R. Biakhluna, Zarkawt
2) Upa B. Lalthanliana, Chanmari
3) Rev. Lalchhawnkima, Ramhlun Vengthar
4) Rev. F. Lalrinnunga, Mission Veng

The Functions of the Managing Committee may be describe as under:
a) Preparing budget estimate of the SMTC
b) Acquisition of funds and necessary equipments from outside.
c) Liaison with other training institutions (with the permission of the Synod Executive Committee).

Staff of the Synod Multipurpose Training Centre:
There are eleven staff in the SMTC office, namely -
1) Rev. Lalramliana Pachuau, E/S, i/c Programme Director
2) Mr. Vanlalhuma, Office Assistant
3) Mr. R.L. Lalnuntluanga, Peon cum Chowkider
4) Miss Zonunsangi, Computerist
5) Mrs. Lalruatkimi, IV Grade
6) Miss Lalsangliani Sailo, Instructress
7) Mrs. K. Lalremruati, Instructress
8) Miss Zodinmawii, Instructress
9) Mr. H. Vanlalliana, Instructor
10) Mr. Lalrawngbawla, Instructor
11) Mr. Benny Lalfakmawia, Instructor

The Programm Director is appointed by the Synod Pastoral Committee for a term of 3 years, and is eligible for re-appointment for a second term.

For the strengthening and ensuring the further growth of the Church and the upliftment of the poor and oppress in the society, the following programmes are envisaged to be undertaken:-

a) Lay Leaders Training
b) Accounts & Stewardship Training
c) Management Training for Department Heads
d) Management Training for Office Workers

a) Tailoring for girls - 40 seats
b) Tailoring for boys - 20 seats
c) Shoe making - 5 seats
d) Computer - 30 seats
Total - 95 seats

I. Ministerial Training:

1) Lay Leaders Training:
This programme is mainly organised for the Church elders. It is usually a 3/4 day programme and is a residential training programme. They are given their Traveling allowance and expenses for food are paid for during their period of training. On the successful completion of their training programmes a certificate and all text book materials used are presented to them. Depending on the time available at hand they are also taken on a study tour of the Synod establishments so as to enable them to have a first hand knowledge of the establishments. A total of 181 (one hundred eighty one) such training programme have been conducted so far (May 2014) and certificate awarded to 5768 Church elders, and the programmes have also been conducted both within and outside the State.

The subjects taught at the Lay Leaders' Training are:-
1. Christian Doctrine
2. Introduction to Contemporary Theology
3. Pastoral Care in the Church
4. Pastoral Counselling
5. Heretical Teaching in Mizoram
6. Worship and Preaching
7. Christian Stewardship
8. Church Administration
9. How to study the Bible
10. A brief History of Israel

2) Accounts and Stewardship Training:
Treasurers, Finance Secretaries and Auditors of District, Local Churches, Youth and Women fellowships, and office bearers of the District level Youth and women fellowships have been given such training at their own districts. This training mainly focuses on drawing up budgets, management of financeial accounts, the process of auditing, and utilisation of Synod Financial Accounts, the process of auditing, and utilisation of Synod Financial Rules. The total number of participants who have availed of this training so far is 720 elders, youth and women leaders.

3) Management Training for Head of Departments:
The Managing Committee of SMTC decided to organise Management training for the Head of various Departments of the Synod of Mizoram Presbyterian Church. Training subjects are as follows:-1. Organisational Management
2. Personnel Management
3. Financial Management and Control
4. Office Management
5. Service Management
6. Conflict Management

Duration of course is two days only.

4) Management Training for Office Workers:
This programme is mainly for the skill training the Office Workers under the Mizoram Presbyterian Church, Synod. Training subjects are as follows:-
1. Management Theory
2. Finance Management
3. Office Management
4. Service Management
5. Asset Management
6. Resource Management

Duration of course is two days only.

II. Vocational Training:
This programme provides training in some specialised skills, especially to unemployed youths who have no particular skills or degrees, so as to enable them to earn their livelihood. This is a very important ministry among the youths who often follow the wrong path due to lack of purpose in life and/ or lack of skill to be self employed. The different areas of training are:-

1) Tailoring for girls: It was started in 9th April 1998. 499 girls had already finished their training course.
Duration of training - 11 months
Number of seat - 40

2) Tailoring for boys: This training course was started in 5th October 1999. 275 boys finished this tailoring course.
Duration - 11 months
Number of seat - 20

3) Shoe Making: This project was started in June 2000. Till date 55 boys finished this course.
Duration - 11 months
Numbers of seat - 5

4) Certificate in Computer Application Course:
This new project was inaugurated by Rev. Lalhmangaiha, Senior Executive Secretary, Mizoram Synod in 15th October, 2007. 329 students already have finished this course.
Duration of training - 6 months
Number of seat - 30

The Significance of SMTC for our Church and State:
The main purpose and ministry of SMTC is to spread the Gospel inside our own state and to strengthen the Church rather than to preach the Gospel to those who have not heard about it. To be able to spread the gospel elsewhere, the Church needs to stand on a strong foundation. The different ministerial training programmes aim at strengthening lay people who form the majority of our Church’s population, so that they can carry out their ministry effectively and in a more meaningful way for the growth and development of our Church.

Though the number of educated youth is increasing, job opportunities especially in government service are decreasing and unemployment problem has began to increase. At the same time there are number of young men and young women who are insufficient for the standard of living due to economic condition. It is necessary to uplift their economic standard. It is, therefore, important to have some special skills so that thei can earn their livelihood by themselves, especially if the government is going to carry on these principles of privatisation in business, we need to prepare themselves so that they can benefit from such scheme.

To eradicate proverty and suffering and aim towards development and better standard of life, we need to diligently so that we can become self-sufficient and self-supporting without depending on others. Vocational training programme must be one of the most important ministries of the Church to achieve the goal.

Contact -
The Synod Multipurpose Training Centre
Mission Vengthlang, Aizawl
Mizoram, India
Phone - 0389 2322718


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