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Khawvel ram hrang hranga hruaitu lian – an Lal, President leh Prime Minister ten dikna leh zalenna an ken kawh zel theih nan

Khawvelah inhuatna, tharum thawhna leh indonate a lo reha, inunauna leh inpumkhatna a lo awm theih nan. He lama hma latu UNO tan

Khawvelah remna leh muanna a thlen theih nan


Mizo Sunday School Union

The firstš Christian Missionaries to enter Mizoram were sent by the Arthington Mission Society of London. The missionaries sent were J. H. Lorrain and F.W.Savidge, and they arrived at Aizawl on the 11th Jan. 1894. During their short stay in Mizoram (four years) they managed to form the Mizo Alphabet, responsive reading materials and the Mizo dictionary. They also managed to translate portions of the New Testament viz. Luke, John and The Acts of the Apostles.
During this period the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church selected Mizoram as their Mission Field. Rev. D. E. Jones then arrived in Mizoram as the first missionary of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodist Church on August 31, 1897. Rev. Edwin Rowlands towards the end of 1898 joined Rev D. E Jones. The two worked together travelling throughout Mizoram preaching the Gospel.
The first Sunday School was started by Rev. D. E. Jones at Hrianghmun, a small hillock at Mission Veng, Aizawl on 15th February 1898. In the beginning Khasi Christians attended this school on the forenoon of every Sunday and Mizo Christians attended the same in the afternoon. The school progressed very quickly and by the end of 1899 there were already 41 students in this school. A full time Sunday School Secretary was appointed by the Synod in the year 1927. Mr. Hrawva was the first Secretary. He served for 16 years (1927 – 1942).
Sunday morning service was used for reciting passages from the Bible, learning A AW B, (the Mizo Alphabet) and also for learning Christian hymns. The Sunday School made great strides and by the year 1909 more than 20 villages in Mizoram were able to run regular Sunday Schools in their respective churches.

Setting up a Sunday School

Aims and Objectives of a Sunday School:

  •  To give guidance and help Students to have a right knowledge and faith in God.

  • Teaching them the Word of God (Bible)

  •  Teaching them the Christian doctrine.

  • Teaching them the way to worship God.

  • Preparing them to be faithful and productive members of the church and Society.

  • To teach them the duties and obligations of every Christian.

Organizing of Sunday School:

  • There shall be one Sunday School at every church (congregation). Every preaching station will also organize a separate Sunday School.

  • All the different departments, Beginner to Adults Sunday School functions under one Sunday School.

As the Sunday School comprises of all age groups their psychological framework also varies accordingly. Therefore, departments are opened according to the graded Sunday school system (age wise distribution) as mentioned below:

  • Beginner Department - Age 4 & 5

  • Primary Department - Age 6 – 8

  • Junior Department - Age 9 – 12

  • Intermediate Department - Age 12 – 13

  • Sakramen Department - Age 14

  • Senior Department - Age 15 – 17

  • Adult Department - Age 18 and above

These departments have been made to meet the psychological requirements of the students. Promotion from one department to the next is done according to the age wise distribution as given in the chart above.


  • The Local Church Committee shall set up a Sunday School Committee. The members of this Committee shall be appointed every year.

  • The Sunday School Committee will function under the guidance of the Church Committee.

  • Committee members of the Pastorate level Sunday School Committee are ex-officio members of the local church Sunday School Committee.

  • The local church Sunday School Committee shall comprise of the following:

a.    Superintendent

b.    Assistant Superintendent ( the Church can appoint more than one if the need arises)

c.    Secretary

d.    Assistant Secretary

e.    Librarian

f.    Leaders of every Department

g.    The Church Committee members are permanent members of the Sunday School Committee.

The Church Committee shall appoint Department leaders and teachers for the Adult Department every year. The Sunday School Committee shall appoint Assistant Leaders, Secretaries, and Teachers for all the other Departments.


1.    Two delegates from each Church shall be elected as Committee members to the Pastorate Sunday School Committee by the Pastorate Conference every year.

The following persons shall be ex-officio members at the Pastorate Sunday School Committee:

  • Pastorate Committee Office Bearers

  • Pastor

  • Pro-Pastor

  • Pastorate Sunday School Committee’s Secretary and Assistant Secretary

2.    The Pastorate Committee shall appoint the district Sunday School Secretary and Asst. Secretary and they shall hold this office for three years.

3.    The duties of the Pastorate Sunday School Committee are as follows :

  • Organizing the annual Sunday School examination

  • Organizing the annual Children’s Sunday School Conference and Senior Conference

  • Exploring ways and means of developing the Sunday School within the Pastorate.


Forming Committee:

The Sunday School Department or the Mizo Sunday School Union (hereinafter known as the MSSU) of the Synod shall function under a Committee whose members shall comprise of the following:

  • Synod Moderator

  • Synod Secretary (Sr.)

  • Executive Secretary I/c MSSU

  • Co-ordinator, MSSU

  • Three persons appointed by the Synod

  • Two representatives from each Presbytery

  • Co-opted members may be appointed from any Church not of the Mizo Synod but affiliated to the MSSU.

This Committee is empowered to set up its Executive Committee, Examination Board, Text Book Cell, Child Evangelism cell and Training cell.

Its Functions:

The function of the MSSU shall encompass the following:

  • Sunday School

  • Child Evangelism

  • Audio Visual Aid

Its Administration:

The MSSU shall have its own office within the Synod Office. The Executive Secretary i/c MSSU shall be Secretary of the MSSU Committee; the Co-ordinator, MSSU shall be an ex-officio at the MSSU Committee and he shall help the Executive Secretary i/c MSSU when and where necessary.

Text Book and its Writers:

The MSSU Committee shall select textbooks and its writers. Writers selected for the Adult textbook shall be finalized after the Synod Executive Committee gives its approval.


Local Church Sunday School Committee:

  • Taking steps to fulfil the aims and objectives of the MSSU and finding ways of developing the Sunday School.

  • Sending nominations for Award winners to the MSSU through their respective Districts.

  • Maintaining a perfect record of those who are eligible for receipt of prizes and awards.

  • They are responsible for promoting Child Evangelism.

Pastorate Sunday School Committee:

  • It is responsible for coordinating the Sunday Schools within its Pastorate.

  • It organizes the children’s Sunday School and Senior department conference.

  • It is responsible for forwarding to the MSSU the various award nominations that the local church puts up for approval.

Pastorate Sunday School Secretary:

  • He shall record all the minutes of the Pastorate Sunday School Committee minutes. The Secretary is also responsible for executing any necessary duties that is to be undertaken by the Committee.

  • On a prescribed form, he shall fill up the number of enrolment of students and also the number of students who are going to appear for examination.

  • This information shall be reported to the MSSU using the prescribed form.

  • He shall collect and submit the results of the examinations conducted at the end of the year to the MSSU. He shall also send names and answer papers of students who have received honor marks in the examination.

  • He shall distribute the final results, prizes and certificates that has been sent to him by the MSSU, to the local churches.

Following the directive of the District Sunday School Committee he shall send recommendations and nominations for citations and awards in the following categories to the MSSU:

  • Award and citation for teachers who have served non-stop for 25 years

  • Award and citations for students who have attended all the Sunday School classes for 10 years.

  • Any other awards or citations.

  • He shall visit the local Sunday Schools frequently.

  • He shall give a report of the Pastorate Sunday School at the Pastorate Conference.

The Pastorate Sunday School Assistant Secretary

He shall assist the Pastorate Sunday School Secretary and act on his behalf during his absence.


The Sunday School superintendent should be elected from the local Church Committee member as far as practicable. The whole Sunday school (Beginner to Adult) at the local level falls under his supervision and responsibility.

His Duties:

  • Conducting Sunday schools in his local church. Presiding over the local Sunday school Committee, organizing inter-departmental meets and giving guidance to the leaders and teachers.

  • Finding ways of developing the whole structure of the Sunday School.

  • Visiting the various departments whenever necessary.

  • Having a clear knowledge of all the situations of each department and motivate and give them advice accordingly.

  • Be concerned with the unity of the whole Sunday School and the departments thereof.

  • Try and fulfill the aims and objectives of the Sunday School.

Assistant Superintendent

He shall assist the Superintendent and act on his behalf during his absence. If the Adult and Children’s department have separate Superintendents the local Church Committee shall chalk out their duties separately.

Local Church Sunday School Secretary: The local church Sunday school Secretary has many duties and responsibilities in his hands amongst which mention may be made of the following:

  • He shall record the minutes of the Sunday School Committee meeting and shall also be responsible in executing the same.

  • He shall report the number of examination candidates, number of attendees and number of nominations for Diploma Certificates to the Pastorate Sunday School Secretary.

  • He shall keep in record the percentage of attendees in every department, amount of offering collections and results of the examination.

Assistant Secretary

He shall assist the Secretary and act on his behalf during his absence.


He shall keep a record of and be in charge of the textbooks, Flannel Graphs, maps, record books and other teaching aids and materials belonging to the Sunday School. If the Church has a separate librarian he/she can take charge of the Sunday School library as well.


Leader here denotes a leader of a particular department. He/she is responsible for his/her whole department and his /her duties are as follows:

  • Leading the Departmental Sunday School.

  • Leading the lesson preview.

  • Helping and motivating the teachers to teach their lessons without the aid of their textbooks.

  • Finding ways of fulfilling the exercises provided by the textbook.

  • Creating a healthy atmosphere amongst the teachers.

Assistant Leader

He/she shall assist the Leader and act on his/her behalf during his/her absence.

Department Secretary

Every Department shall have a separate secretary. The department secretary shall take up the following responsibilities:

  • He/she shall be in charge of the attendance register, record books etc.

  • Recording the amount of offering in the offering record book.

  • Making necessary announcements.

  • Help the department leader.

Teachers- Their responsibilities

  • They shall go to the Sunday School earlier than their students and be able to welcome them.

  • They should give importance to the subject preview to have a good preparation to teach fluently.

  • They should know their students’ name and personality. Be concerned for their wellbeing, help them when necessary, and also visit them in their homes.

  • Read other useful Christian literatures other than their textbook.


Roll Call

Roll calls for teachers and all the Adult Sunday School classes shall be conducted regularly. Since the MSSU has started giving out certificates and awards for good attendance this has become more necessary now. Every teacher must keep a good record of the attendance of those enrolled in his/her class so that it can be checked without any difficulty in the years to come. A teacher must be well prepared not to consume time in taking the attendance. The Secretaries are also advised not to necessarily take the attendance of teachers, rather to just mark their names in the teacher’s attendance register. It is also advisable that teacher give notice in advance if they are not able to attend the Sunday School or the pre-class training session, so that provisions can be made to fill up their empty slot.

Pre-class Training

Apart from preparing for the class individually there should also be a regular pre-class training session attended by all the teachers. This is necessary to give equal lectures of the subject. Every teacher must give importance to this pre-class training session. The Sunday school secretaries must also attend this session so as to make any necessary adjustments or arrangements for the next class. For teachers who are to teach in the classes attending this session is a must.

Adult Sunday School Service

It is in the Sunday School that our Church has the most number of attendance. Even those who do not attend other church services regularly make it a point to attend the Sunday School service. Therefore, the Superintendent must take care in leading the Sunday School service. Due to the fact that two diverse forms are incorporated in this service (Worship and school) the Superintendent must be well prepared to lead the service this way:

Worship Service

  • Announcements

  • Congregational Singing

  • Bible reading and prayer (an appointed person)

  • Call to worship

Sunday School Class

  • Collection of offering and offertory prayer

  • Commencement of classes and discussions

  • Conclusion, question & answer sessions

  • Sunday School report

  • Congregational

  • Lords prayer/Benediction

  • Roll call

Call to Worship

The book of common worships, Bible verses and other relevant materials must be used for this purpose. It must not be taken as a mere reading of the Bible.

Making provisions to minimize noise and congestion of the Sunday School

Arrangements can be made to organize classes in the verandah or other convenient places for this purpose.

Giving importance to the knowledge of God’s word

A teacher must give importance to the word of God. S/he must give importance in imparting a deeper knowledge of God’s word to his/her class. Care also must be made to make the class more interesting for the students. In doing so methods such as reading from the text, sermon or lecture methods must be replaced by discussion methods or other such methods that motivates and stimulates the thought process of the students. A teacher needs to be well prepared to employ such methods.

Changing of teachers

Teachers and pupils all have various characters, so it is advisable a teacher not teach one particular set of pupils the whole year through. Rather arrangements must be made to circulate the teachers among the various pupil groups at regular intervals.


A Child Evangelism program has been set up to further the children’s knowledge in the word of God. The following programs are organized for this purpose:

  • Sunday children’s worship service (apart from the regular Sunday School)

  • Worship service for Teenagers

  • Vacation Bible Study (VBS)

  • Children’s Christmas Carol Service

Sunday Children’s Worship Service

Apart from the regular Sunday School every church can organize a separate worship service for the children. This can be organized on a regular basis every Sunday afternoon. These children shall attend the church’s afternoon service once every month and if possible they should be given a chance to present some special programs in these services. The Church’s Sunday School Committee shall appoint a sub-committee to look after this Sunday children’s worship service.

The MSSU shall prepare necessary curriculums and any other necessary materials for these children.

Worship Service for Teenagers

Apart from the Children’s service a separate service may be conducted for the teenagers. This separate service can attend the church service once or twice in a month presenting some special numbers at these times. Teachers/guides for this service will be appointed by the Church’s Sunday School Committee. Necessary materials such as lesson materials shall be supplied by the MSSU.

Vacation Bible Study (VBS)

The VBS should be organized during the School vacation at a time when the children have plenty of spare time. The main aim is to give spiritual guidance to the children during their spare time. This is a very important instrument for the development of the regular Sunday School and also for spiritual nurture. This program should be effectively utilized to develop the children’s knowledge of Christ and his teachings.

  • Distribution of topics and classes: The MSSU shall select the topics and also make guidelines for the distribution of classes and any other necessary materials involved with the VBS.

  • Curriculum:

            Bible Study

            Christian art (drama, skits, one act play etc.)

            Social activities

            Recreation, excursion/outings


            Physical Exercise

  • Textbooks etc: The MSSU shall prepare the textbooks and any other necessary materials for the VBS. The MSSU Committee shall appoint resource persons for this purpose.

  • Motivation: Badges, caps, prizes etc. should be prepared to motivate the children.

  • Its Administration: The Church Sunday School Committee shall appoint teachers for the VBS. As the VBS functions only for a short period of time it will be good to appoint persons who are dedicated in this work. Persons who are not actually Sunday School teachers can also be appointed for the VBS. Persons should be appointed for the following responsibilities :

  • Director

  •  Secretary

  • Group Leader

  • Teachers

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