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Mipat hmeichhiatna hman khawlohna leh suahsualna chi hrang hrang laka kan lo fihlim zel theih nan

Zu leh ruihtheih thil avanga harsatna tawk mekte leh an chhungte tan

Indiaram President, Governor-te, Central leh State-a sorkar officer lian zawng zawngte tan


Subject : scholarship MBA for talented students.

Hello sir/madam, Its Meena from bangalore. I would like to help students who really interest in studies and they are affordable. I'm working in Koshys ICM Bussiness School as a Senior counsellor. The Education is especially for graduation and post graduation.the fees is very much affordable. And I also ask my manager to make consession with the fees in the case where student really cannot afford fees. thank you.


Subject : Missionary Retreat

Missionary Retreat hi an then chuan an nei tawh emaw ni, keini lam chu 7-10 July hian Durtlang lama neih tur tih awm thawm te ka lo hre ve a. Circular engmah awm silo, net lamah engmah awm bok silo. Rawn release teh u a.

- J.C. Lalramliana

July 7 -10, 2011 chhung hian Durtlang Kohhranah nghah a ni ang. SMB lamain programme pawh an duang fel tawh a, Synfocity thar berah hian a en theih ang

Subject :

Email a in thawn chhuah thin news kha ka email ah hian min han thawn ve teh u a

Mailing list-ah kan lo telh ang che.

Subject : Lehkhabu

Khaw ngaihtak in Synod Book Store ah Lehkhabu lei theih te list min lo hriattir thei ang em?

- Steven Boy, UK ah hian zawt la, anni lam atangin a chiang thei ber ang.

Subject : News thawn tura ngenna

Kohhran chanchinbu e-mail-ah hian NEWS in thawn chhuah ang khan khawngaih takin a rem chan chuan min lo thawn ve. Min rawn thawn theih chuan ka lawm ngawt ang.


Kan mailing list-ah kan lo telh dawn nia

Subject : join the synod

Greetings to you in the name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ. Sir I am Odisha state, right now i am doing ministry at Odisha, After completing M. Div degree. Through my frendz i came to about this synod and i like the rules and regulations of this synod. I hope and praying if u extend your ministry to our place that would be good. Please pray for my ministry in Odisha. so that i could able to reach to unreach people. from,

Rev. John Majhi vil Gillakuta, po- Antaraba,dist- Gajapati, state - Odisha- 761017

Subject : Certificate Hman tlan a awm em?

Kohhran sikul/college atanga zirchhuak (graduate)te chawimawina thuziak hi mizo tawnga a ziak dan kalhmang hi hman bik kan nei em? Kohhranin graduate-te certificate-a mizo tawnga a ziak dan mawi deuh min han hrilh thei la a lawmawm viau ang. Tar chhuah kher a remchan loh pawhin mimal hmangte hian inhrilh a rem thei ang em? Tawnkam mawi leh ziak dan dika kan tih tlan theih nan.

- Kimbawihi

Chawimawina thuziak hman bik a awm awm kan hre lo. A institution hotute duan ang ang an hmang mai niin a lang.

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