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Kan rama sikul leh college bakah zirna hmun hrang hranga thawktute leh zirlaite tan

Hindi Bible School, Bawngkawn leh Mission Development Training Centre, Bualpui North-a thawktute leh Training mekte tan

Indiarama Theological College hrang hrangte leh Senate of Serampore College (University) tan


Subject : baptisma list

Helo, kum 1930-40 inkar vela baptisma list kha internet ah hyn en na tr wm m?

Baptisma list hi Archives ah kawl that vek a ni a, a tam tham deuh avang leh sensitive document anih avangin website ah chuan kan load thei lo

Subject : Zawhna

Engtikahnge Nilai thupui leh Sunday School zirlai hi download a theih ang aw. Chuan Ramthar December issue kha ka download in September a lo awm daih zel, engemaw a chhan le. Engpawhnise, kumthar chibai u.

Kum that chibai le Nilai leh beihrual thupui chu a download theih tawh e. A dang pawh karleh lamah chuan kan rawn upload ang

Subject : Visit to Mizoram

On December 4 I sent an email to Rev. Zosanglina Colney asking if February 12-14, 2013 would be convenient for myself and three co-workers to visit Aizawl for the purpose of reviewing and refreshing the partnership between the Synod Mission Board and Christian Reformed World Missions. To date I have not had a response. I fear that I may not have had the correct email address. I sent the message to If this address is incorrect, please send me the correct one. If it is correct, please check to make sure that the message actually arrived in Rev. Colney's email. May the Lord bless you richly.

- Gary Bekker, Director, Christian Reformed World Missions.

Rev. Zosangliana Colney was busy at the Synod Assembly from December 4 -10. We will convey this message to him. Please send your mail to

Subject : Prayer

Praise the LORD, Kindly pray that LORD gives a Born Again life partner, who is humble and kind. God bless

Subject : rate zawhna

Electric Veng presbyterian kohhran golden jubilee 2013 a mi tur magazine size mizopa phek 50, thlalak hlang chuanna tur copy 700 vel budget-ah dan kan duh a. a rate min hrilh thei ang em?


Hei hi chu Synod Press lamah zawh chi a ni ang. A hmuna kal chilh a, in duh dan te sawifiah deuh a ngai bawk ang.

Subject : Structure/Hierarchy

Hi My name is Guy Nesher and I'm a student in the Bible College from Israel. I received an assignment to try to map out the structure/hierarchy of your denomination. I guess what I'm trying to do is create some kind of flowchart outlining the Structure/Hierarchy from your executive committee all the way down to the pastor of each church. I looked all over your website and unfortunately wasn't able to find anything conclusive. I know that most denominations have such a flowchart and if you do I was wondering if it would be possible for you to e-mail it to me or direct me to where I can find it on the web. I appreciate that you are extremely busy and anything that you may have regarding the structure/hierarchy that you can provide me I will be extremely grateful. I do not need any names or contact phone numbers just the name of the position and when they rank in your structure.

Thanking you in advance

Guy Nesher

Subject : Mission Field

Zing tawngtai thupui ah hian Mission Field hrang hrang tan kan tawngtai thin a, Mizoram Synod hnuai ah hian Mission Field hi engzatnge awm? a hming leh a thawktute min hrilh thei em? tawngtainaa an hming lam tel duh chang in hriat a va tha ve.

Rosanglura Ralte

Hei hi chu Synod Mission Board lamah chiang lehzualin a zawh fiah theih ang. A hnuaia email address-ah hian zawt la, an hrilhfiah thei ang che.

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