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Lung In tangte bakah an chhungte leh tang enkawltute tan

Magistrate-te leh Judge-ten dik taka ro an rel theih nan. Ukil te pawhin thudik tilang tura rinawm taka an thawh zel theih nan

Tripura Mission Field-a thawktute leh Kohhrante tan


Subject : Zawhna

Sermon chi hrang hrang Synfo in TV-a a tihchhuah te hi download theih turin a upload theih ang em ?

- R. Vanlalhruaia

Tun dinhmunah chuan theih rih loh. Internet speed a chak loh avangin video sermon thui tak hi upload a la remchang rih lo a ni. A duh tan chuan Synfo Office atangin ngaihven theih a ni e.

Subject : Visit

I want to visit your church. In Christ


Subject : Request for songs for our choir group in Siliguri

I am desperately looking for a song sheet of "All hail the power of Jesus' name" with tonic solfa. It is a medley type which starts with "Glory be to the Son, The Blessed Redeemer for ever more". I am posting this message with prayer that somebody there would get me this song sheet.


Subject : Zawhna

Kristian tlang au, Kristian Thalai leh Ramthar chanchinbua thuziak chhuahtur Sermon/Article te hi engtianga rawn pek theih nge ni? Nangmahni kal tlang hian a rawn pek theih em? An mahni hian site hran an neih chuan min han hrilh theih chuan a lawmawm ngawt ang.

Synod email: leh ah te hian in rawn thawn chuan kan lo pe chhawng thei ang. Tin, anmahni email address-ahte hian a thawn theih bawk ang.

Kristian Tlangau emai:

Ramthar chanchinbu:

Kristian Thalai:

Subject : Rev. Khiangte

I need an e-mail address for your Field Secretary, Delhi Field Mission, Rev. Khiangte. I've been in contact with him, frequently, since last March, but his e-mail address failed today and I need to reach him concerning sending funds. Thanks and blessings!

You may send your mail to Delhi Mission Field:

Subject : Pastor's phone no

Pastor Lalduhawma Ralte, Pastor Krosschhuanmawia leh Pstor Adam Kerketaa phone no min lo pek theih chuan ka lawm hle ang

-Vanlal Nghaka

Lalduhawma Ralte: 9436142906

V.L.Krosschhuanmawia: 8974560071

Adam Kerketta: ?

Subject : Synod News letter -july/2012 hmuh ve loh chung chang

Synod News letter July 2012 hi download tur site-ah hian ka hmu mai lova, engtizia nge a.? khung loh palh nge ka hmu lo mai mai.


Dah luh tawh a ni e.

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