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Subject : Update tha lo

In up date a van tha lo ve. Tun in Revival khawmpui sermon teng te kha chhiar tur tal a awm lo mi pu K.Lalngaihawma thu sawi teng te kha.. Tin, in sermon adio hi eng mah a ngaihthlak tlak hleih nem Video poh chuti bawk.. In site hi chek ula siam tha chhin rawh u. Ka browser vang in ti a ni mai thei a nih ngat pphei chuan css leh c+ lam khawih tha ula khawngaih in eng browser leh phone atang pawh a en theih/ngaihthlak theih in siam teh u.. a awm sa ho hi a hluilulai e mai., Revival Sermon K.Lalngaihawma kha khawngaih in Dwonload theih in lo siam teh u a harsa lo bawk a a siam dan.. a video a ngai lo down load ah sawn lo telh hram ru ni 4 ka lo nghak ang che u.

- Rotekawla

Revival Department lamah thlen zawk la, a tihngaihna an hre mai thei. Department hrang hrang chetvelna hi Synfo lamin video coverage chu kan ti ngei a, Live-a pekchhuah a ngaih pawhin kan pe mai thin. Sermon thuziak hi an nei lo tlangpui, dil pawhin inpek a harsa thin khawp mai. Tin, Department hrang hrang chanchin update hi indil reng a ni a, a ngaihsak lo chu an awm pangngaiin a awm reng mai a ni. News, Notifications, Media (Hruaina Eng Radio), Periodicals te hi regular taka kan update theih chu a ni deuh ber. Hemi ti tur pawh hian thawhrim a ngai khawp mai. 

I thahnemngaihnaah kan lawm e.

Subject : pakistani presbyterian

Dear Rev Moderator of India I am Rev Shiraz shahzad from Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. I have been serving the church since 2007 and done my graduation in 2004.Good to see the Presbyterian church of India is looking prosper in your guidance. I request you that i have been planting a church since few months. My presbyteries have no funds. So they couldn�t do me any favor .he place where i start a church is lot of Catholics and Pentecostals. But these who have Presbyterian background want to built a new church in this locality don't demand anything from you .Just pray for me .That Lord God used me a weak vessel over this region. Your kind reply is really a source of blessing for me . Stay Blessed. In Christ Rev shiraz shahzad 92-423-343-4233685 Dear Moderator I knew that you were very busy and in future you have to do lots of works but kindly reply me and prayer for me. Thanks

- shiraz shahzad

Subject : comment

Ka lo en chiang ngai lo ,ka han bihchian meuh chuan a tha ka ti hle mai a, kemah thlarau nun tan pawh than lenna ka hmu zel maiin prayer request awm te hi avan tha tak em .Lalpan vengin a rawngbawlna apiangah malsawm zel rawh se

- samuel zohmingliana

Subject : Zawhna

Synod minute hlui 2000 - 2010 ka chhiar duh a hetah hian a lakchhuah theih em ? a tih dan ka thiam lo tlat.

- Lalrinliana Colney

Hetah chuan a awm kim lo vang. Synod Archives lam atangin a bu hlui leh thar a en theih ang a, a soft copy erawh Synod Press lam atanga ngaihven chi a ni ang.

Subject : Please Pray for Us

KHODA - E � JAMAT MINISTRIES (Discipleship & Church planting ministry among The Muslims) Reply To : / -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Pastor / Brother in Chrst, Greetings to you in Jesus� name! We are glad to share with you that according to God�s vision & guidance in our lives we are reaching to the Muslims with The Gospel of Christ. God is touching and changing the hearts of the Muslims for His glory. Thanks for your kind prayers & concerns for us and the ministry to the Muslims. God is constantly using all our dear team members and the believers for the extension of His Kingdom. A FEW PRAISE POINTS: >> Muslim men & women secretly visiting our believer�s house: Muslim men & women secretly visiting to our dear believer�s houses and asking more about Jesus. Others came secretly and asked prayers in Jesus� name for their dear ones those who are sick, even though Militant Muslims warned the villagers not to keep any relation with the Christian and not to sell anything to them >> More new seekers and believers are attending at our Friday worship services (Khoda- E-Jamat Ibadat Khana) from different villages. They are witnessing that they have experienced of the presence of Jesus during worship services. >> God has filled the hearts of our dear believers with His burden to reach out more Muslims for Him. >> God has helped us to construct the foundation part of a small room which is going to be used for the extension of His Kingdom. We are trusting that He will help us to complete the room for His glory. >> According to God�s will & guidance, we have made a separate unit & team to reach out Hindu people and plant House Churches for Hindu community. A FEW PRAYER POINTS: Kindly pray ............... ** For the believers at Nutangram village that they might continuously witness to their neighbours and Militant groups about Jesus and several Muslim men & women might surrender their lives to Jesus. ** That the believers will get burden to reach out more people and villages with The Gospel of Christ and establish House Churches/fellowship. Please pray for God�s wisdom and guidance in their lives. ** For Sis. Alta that God might use her effectively to reach out several women and their family members with The Gospel of Christ and establish House Churches in different locations / villages. ** For God�s provision to complete a small room which will be used for the extension of His Kingdom. We are earnestly seeking His face in prayer for His provision to complete the prayer room at Motijil. ** For children ministry. Our Children ministry team is doing wonderful work by His grace. Several children from Muslim families are learning about Jesus. Also pray for our feeding program to the poor. ** For our health care ministries. It is being a great blessing for us to establish House Churches through health care ministries in different villages. We are getting lots of opportunity to witness for Him ** For God�s help to take care of persecuted believers and provide monthly support for Co-workers. Thanks for your kind love, prayers and interest towards us & ministry to the Muslims. I request you kindly pray & ask other believers to keep us in their prayers. Regards, Bashir & Ayeasha

Subject : A cup of Rice

GARDENS/MINI-FARMS NETWORK Wrokshops: USA - TX, MS, FL [ECHO], CA, AR, NM; Mexico, Rep. Dominicana, C�t� d�Ivoire, Nigeria, Nicaragua, Honduras, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Haiti, England, India, Uzbekistan, South Africa [2011], Indonesia [2012], Workshops in organic, no-till, permanent bed gardening, mini-farming and mini-livestock farming, using bucket drip irrigation, worldwide, in English & Espa�ol Organic, No-till Farming The solution to world hunger is teaching the farmers to farm profitably. There is a grassroots movement, around the world, for families and groups to produce their own food due to cost, flavor and chemical contamination. "There's this belief that in order to stop poverty, we have to find ways to get people to stop being farmers. What we need to do is find ways to stop them from being poor farmers." Amy Smith, MIT There is unlimited, documented proof. These are based on the internet, experiences teaching agriculture in many countries, research data and farmer experiences in those countries and a demonstration garden.

They are ecologically sustainable, environmentally responsible, socially just and economically viable. Poor, unhealthy soil is the reason for low yields. Here is the solution. Organic No-Till is not a fixed set of rules but a method that gardeners/farmers adapt to their local conditions. No one plows the jungle and it produces; no one plows the forest and it produces. Organic, no-till farming, in permanent beds, with permanent paths, using only a machete/corn knife, doubles or triples yields compared to traditional farming, reduces labor 50% to 75%, reduces inputs-expenses to nearly 0 [buy only seed for new crops, green manure/cover crops], increases fertility, stops soil erosion [no rain water runoff], eliminates most weed, disease and insect problems and greatly increases profits if marketing. Use DIY drip or DIY bucket drip irrigation [made by farmer] to produce during the dry season and in areas of low rainfall. SRI � system of rice intensification: 50%-100% increased yield, up to 90% reduction in required seed, up to 50% savings in water. SRI principles and practices have been adapted for rain-fed rice. SCI � system of crop intensification: wheat, sugarcane, millet, maize and teff with yield increases. With no-till, organic matter [green manure/cover crops or weeds or crop residue] generates the following results: 

The mulch gradually rots into the soil providing a constant supply of nutrients while eliminating composting.  Moisture retention due to the mulch layer means reduced need for watering; saving both resources and labor.  Mulch prevents weeds from growing, reducing another laborious chore.  Because of greater nutrients, plants can be positioned twice as densely as normally recommended.  The combination of denser spacing and healthy soil means a fourfold increase in yield. Josef Graf These practices stopped the migration of farm families to the cities. [Honduras]. There are 262,000,000 acres in no-till and 85,000,000 acres organic, worldwide. Fukaoka Farm, Japan, has been organic, no-till [rice, small grains, vegetables] for 70 years. At the time of my visits the following were organic, no-till: an Indian farmer [vegetables] for 5 years, a Malawi farmer [vegetables] on permanent beds for 25 years [model mini-farm] and a Honduras farmer [vegetables & fruit] on permanent beds on the contour (73� slope] for 8 years.

Ruth Stout [USA] had a garden for 30 years and 7,000 people visited her garden. I have been on farms where the farmer, alone, farms 10 acres [4 hectares], using only a machete/corn knife. No technique yet devised by man has been anywhere near as effective at halting soil erosion and making food production truly sustainable as 0-tillage (Baker) 1. Financial: Little funds are needed. No tractor, no equipment, no fertilizers, no chemicals. 2. Inter-urban, urban, peri-urban [use land free?] 3. Restore the soil to its natural health. Contaminations: inorganic pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers 4. Maintain healthy soil: Healthy soil produces healthy plants, for high yields. 5. Feed the soil; not the crop: Inorganics feed the plants and poisons the soil. Organics feed the soil which feeds the plants. 6. Increase soil organic matter every year 7. Soil always covered Weeds are Nature�s soil cover. 8. Feed the soil through the mulch. 9. Use green manure/cover crops. 10. Manure-animal and human [] 11. Intercropping and/or crop rotation 12. Use external organic matter [leaves, etc] 13. Leave all crop residues on top of the soil. 14. No-till - no digging, no tilling, no cultivating Worms and roots till the soil. 15. Permanent beds 16. Permanent paths 17. Sloped land: permanent beds on the contour. On steep slope each bed is dropped down the slope [email for instructions]. No alley cropping, no swales, no pit beds, no key-hole beds. 18. Hand tools: machete/corn knife, planting hoe, etc 19. All year production: DIY hoop houses, high tunnels, shade cloth, row covers, etc. 20. Organic pesticides, herbicides if ever needed 21. Do not buy anything except seed 22. Seed - Open-pollinated 23. Tree crops: fruit, coffee [shaded], nuts,. Perennial cover crop. 24. Crops: vegetables, fruits, nuts, fibers, gourds, oils, flowers, herbs, grains 25. Muscovies [eats flies, mosquitos: no housing, etc. In every country] 26. Gray water � use for irrigation 27. Bucket drip irrigation should be used during the dry season and in areas of low rainfall: A bucket drip line can be made locally using poly tubing [US$3, Nicaragua]. One, 33 meters, will irrigate a row of crops using only 20 liters of water per day. A drip line can be moved to irrigate several rows per day. Water can be from a stream, pond or well. A drip kit returns US$20 per month to the farmer [FAO study]. 28. Markets: farm stand, cooperative, farmer�s market 29. Imitate nature.

Most farmers fight nature. �Nature always wins! Farmers using tractors, email for information. I volunteer my time to teach workshops, worldwide, in English or Spanish, when all expenses are paid. Scheduled: Ft Worth TX; Liberia, Nov Ken Hargesheimer, Free farming dvd on request Home: Every family needs a garden/farm to produce food. School: Organic, no-till farming should be taught in every school. Provides food for the students and provides vocational training. Email for information. "Plowing the land over and over damages the soil almost as much as chemical weed killers do. It kills off nitrogen-fixing bacteria." Onmivore's Dilemma �No one has ever advanced a scientific reason for plowing. It can be said with truth that the use of the plow has actually destroyed the productiveness of our soils.� Edward Faulkner Plow to kill the weeds; that brings to the surface more seeds to sprout; more weeds to plow up. Dear Ken, Thank you for all the info. I am applying it in my own vegetable patch. It is working. Got half a pocket of potatoes off a square metre. So would imagine about 10 pounds per square yard. This off previously dead low, carbon soil. Sure next crop will be better. Got yams coming up on same spot already. Want to plant herbs and spices. Your advise is so simple. People do not believe me when I tell them. I am so excited about growing things now. This coming from a commercial plum farmer. Jeremy Karsen, South Africa We have already started several gardens in Jinkfuin community and the people working on them have benefitted from the DVDS we received from Ken.

We watched the DVDs and got so many lessons and there women and men already running gardens, good ones! Lia, Kimilili I confirm Ken's advice. I've been using mulch and no-till since the late sixties. It works. It really works. I now manage a 5,000 ft� community garden in its fifth season. It started on hard clay with turf grass using cardboard and mulch. Leaves are added to the beds every fall and it has never been tilled. It's a beautiful, fruitful garden. I have friends who have sand and advised them to do the same. They've been very successful as well. It will work anywhere. Judith Hainaut Uganda: We have been working on improving farming techniques for almost a year. Unfortunately, the farmers are planting small plots of land that only feed their family. There is no other choice but to try new techniques to improve the output of their plot. Ken Hargesheimer suggested the "no till" farming techniques as well as the "drip system".

Both have proven effective at increasing production by at least 5 fold. The time is now for Kyomya to become a model agricultural village. [] Ken has instructed us that by introducing cover crops we will improve the organic nature of the soil. This involves less work than the previous method and has resulted in double the yield from crops where this method has been implemented.� Busukuma,
-ken hargesheimer

Subject : Blog register chungchang

Nursery Veng Branch KTP blog hi mizoram synod website-a web links ah hian min lo dah tel sak ve turin ka rawn ngen a che.
Nursery veng ktp

Kan lo dah ang e.

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