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Kan rama sikul leh college bakah zirna hmun hrang hranga thawktute leh zirlaite tan

Hindi Bible School, Bawngkawn leh Mission Development Training Centre, Bualpui North-a thawktute leh Training mekte tan

Indiarama Theological College hrang hrangte leh Senate of Serampore College (University) tan


Subject : Willing to travel to Mizoram Synod

Dear Sir, I am a member of Sylhet Presbyterian Synod (SPS), Bangladesh. I am planning to travel to Shillong on August 12. On that time I am also interested to visit your Synod as SPS had a link with the greater Synod of India. My father is also a Presbyter and he was the Moderator of SPS for so long. Please let me know what is the procedure to visit Mizoram Synod. I am looking forward for your answer.
Thanking you, Theophil

Reply sent to you mail

Subject : A humble request

Greetings from Ocean Gao, Circle Officer. Govt. of arunachal Pradesh. With thanks to Mizoram Synod for unceasing love and care for the people of Arunachal Pradesh would like to request that while sending missionaries or evangelist from Mizoram to other states, kindly ensure that they must be having good command in either English or Hindi or the language of the state where he/she is being sent. Secondly kindly make it compulsory that they must be having Theological background of any degree. Thirdly no person of ill tempered, haughty, egoist be selected for the noble work of loving God. Anticipated pro-active action on the matter.
With regard, Ocean Gao Arunachal Pradesh.

Message forwarded to Synod Mission Board

Subject : News query

Dear Mizoram Synod, I am the religion news writer for The Courier-Journal, a newspaper in Louisville, Kentucky, USA. I saw a report in Christian Today India that the Mizoram Synod has voted to end its partnership with the Presbyterian Church (USA) over its ordination of homosexual ministers and its blessing of same-sex unions. Could you please confirm that this decision has been taken?
Thank you. Peter Smith
The Courier-Journal Louisville, Kentucky, USA

The report in Christian Today was correct 

Subject : Pavalai Inkaihhruaina chungchang

SEC thu khawm hnuhnung berin a lo pass tak Pavalai Inkaihruaina chu download theiin han dah thei ula kan lawm hle ang.

SEC thuchhuak hi a tlangpui bak kan tarlang thei lo. SEC Minutes hi a dawng turte hnenah chauh pek chhuah thin a ni. Tul bik thilah chuan Synod Secretary hnen atangin emaw, Superintendent, Synod Office atangin emaw dil theih a ni e.

Subject : synfocity 393
Ka pu, Synfocity 393 issue hi a zip file a corrupt ni awm tak a ni. A hawn theihloh tlat mai. Khawngaihin min lo ensak ula ka lawm hle ang. - Patea Chawngthu Internet lam chiangkuan loh vang a ni mai thei. Kan upload zawhah kan download thin a, a tih theih tlat. Tin, midangin an dl thei bawk.


TO THE MIZORAM PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH SYNO Respected Sir, Greetings to you in the precious and merciful name of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ.I humbly request you to allow to introducing my self.I Rev.P.C.Bantu praising my God for choosing me and my Co-Workers to proclaim the love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our parts of Orissa Andra Pradesh"Woe is unto me,if I preach not the Gospel" 1.Cor.9:16.We have small Fellowship the name of Fellowship is ZION FELLOWSHIP ,please pray for our Ministry. We reaching the gospel to unreached groups we thanks God that many perishing souls have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through our Ministry We reaching the gospel to different Villages,Towns,Slums and tribal areas.Still there are thousands of Villages without Gospel and Millions of People yet to hear the Good New of Jesus as people worship idols,nature animal,snake,cows and trees for this we need your prayers and co-operation to go forward in our Lord's Great Commision to Reach and Win many lost souls for the extension of His Kingdom. We ask you in Christ to Join Hands with us to pray fervently for great Revival and for soul wining of India. Presently we working in State of Orissa Andrapradesh,there is great persecution going on against of Christian People In Orissa,Past year thousands of Christian people they stayed in relief camp and hundreds of families they left their houses and went different Cities to stay there because of fear.Many believers,Evangelists and Pastors they sacrificed their lives for God's work. Our Pastors and Evangelists they going Village to Village and proclaiming the Gospel to unreached people even we are getting persecution yet we are not forsaking to proclaiming the Gospel,through gospel of Jesus somany people are saved and coming to Church so kindly consider our part of Orissa Ministry on your Prayer.We requests to you kindly come and Visit our Orissa Ministry,We have small small shade type Churches where we doing Sunday Services and also we doing Sunday Services at homes.We working among Hindus and we doing Sunday Services at Hindu Villages. Our Pastors and Evangelists need helps for gospel work and also they need Bicycle for gospel work to go Village to Village to proclaim the gospel so kindly pray for them and also pray for our poor Children and widows those are suffering for physically no one looking for them.ZION FELLOWSHIP WORKING AMONG HINDUS TO WIN LOST SOULS FOR JESUS. YOUR SUPPORT WILL SAVE SOME LOST SOULS OF INDIA SO KINDLY PRAY AND VISIT OUR ZION FELLOWSHIP AND SEND YOUR PRECIOUS SEED FOR GOSPEL WORK OF ZION FELLOWSHIP. We want Join with you TO EXTEND KINGDOM OF GOD IN ORISSA SO KINDLY PRAY FOR US AND JOIN US. MY ADDRESS ZION FELLOWSHIP REV.P.C.BANTU SHANING NAGAR,RLY.STATION,POST.STATION ROAD,PARLAKHEMUNDI.DIST.GAJAPATHI,ORISSA.INDIA PIN NO.761201.MOBILE NO.09861966671 Thanking You Your Sincerely Rev.P.C.Bantu

Subject : Tihdikna

May Agape tur hi March a mi kha a chuang daih a nia.

Kan lo endik ang a, siamthat ngai a awm chuan kan lo siamtha dawn nia.

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