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Kan rama sikul leh college bakah zirna hmun hrang hranga thawktute leh zirlaite tan

Hindi Bible School, Bawngkawn leh Mission Development Training Centre, Bualpui North-a thawktute leh Training mekte tan

Indiarama Theological College hrang hrangte leh Senate of Serampore College (University) tan


Subject : contact

Sir, I am very much interested to work for our Lord under your supervision. I have much burden to spread good news (Gospel) there, would you kindly help me. I am from Sikkim. With regards, Robin

Subject : greetings and invitations

Greetings to you from Pastor David Pulagala, Bendapudi village, East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh state, India. We feel it is a great privilege for us to meet you through this e-mail. First of all I would like to thank you and appreciate of your great task of reaching the millions in world. When I checked your webpage, I am very much impresed by the wonderful work you are doing. Really the Lord is using you and dear family to reach out to the millions . Please let me introduce myself to you. I Davidraju Pulagala am doing the gospel work in the neglected and interior villages in remote and tribal region of Andhra Pradesh state in India. We have been working for the last 22 years reaching out to the neglected villages. My father is also a pastor and he did very wonderful pioneering work amongst remote village people and also tribal people groups. As he is getting old, I took up all the responsibilities of my family besides my busy gospel work. Most of the people work with are illiterate, ignorant and superstitious. It is very challenging to work with such people groups. They are open to the gospel but it takes time to convince them. This is the reason we often conduct village outreaches with a team of 10 pastors and lay men. Several villages are being reached so far and still so much is to be done. In some of the villages there is no facility for transportation execpt walking or going by a bi-cycle, even there is no electricity and no hospitilization so people suffer from different viral fevers and contagious dieseases. With such people groups we are working. Please pray for us as move and go out to reach such people groups to be heard the gospel. Hundreds are being reached through our frequent village outreaches but millions are there to be reached. Hundreds of the villages are there to be reached out with the gospel. We have been trying our level best to reach these people with various outreaches but we do not have enough funds. and any funding agency is helping us. By faith we go and reach these villages. When I checked your webpage, I am impressed and made up my mind to write to you for fellowship and for the cooperation for the work we are doing. i am very very glad about you sir ,really i am blessed to have you sir ,i have visited your website and i hope that i am very blessed through your website and the work you are doing there , your work and the committment for the gospel and for the people is amazing and i hope and believed that you are the man one who sent out as an apostle ,i have seen your face is so enlightened with the spiritual power ,i hope and believed that your face is anointed face that is why your work for the sake of JESUS is going without any kind of obstacles, I alone can't do anything but TOGETHER we can do more and make a big difference. Please pray for us as we are reaching these villages. Your blessed visit will be a great blessing for the millions in India. please pray for our ministry i am inviting you to please come to INDIA and visit our congregations and also our work which we are doing for the sake of JESUS CHRIST . this is my contact NO:+91-8978431315 give my greetings to your family thank you sir yours faithfully your servant Pastor David raju Pulagala my email

Subject : Phone Number zawhna

Heng Pastor-te Phone Number hi min hrilh theih chuan ka lawm khawp ang: 1) Rev. Vanhnuaithanga 2) Rev. Lalramliana Pachuau 3) Rev. K. Lalthanzauva 4) Rev. J. Vanlalhnuna 5) Rev. K. Lianmunga 6) Rev. R. Vanlalruata (Manikbond)

Heng hi kan pastor number kan hmuh theih ang chu a ni a, a dik tawh lo a awm tawh mai thei.


1) Rev. Vanhnuaithanga 9862329386 
2) Rev. Lalramliana Pachuau 9436160978
3) Rev. K. Lalthanzauva 
4) Rev. J. Vanlalhnuna 9612567609 
5) Rev. K. Lianmunga 9863222617 
6) Rev. R. Vanlalruata (Manikbond) 9436153209

Subject : Ngenna

Rawngbawlupi duhtak, Kan Lalpa Isua Krista hmingin chibai ka buk a che. Daido Kohhran member ka ni a, KTP ah rawngbawl hna kan thawk chho ve mek zel a ni. Kan Kohhran mipui te tana a kan Kohhran kalphung hrilhhriat nan khawngaih takin kan Mizoram Presbyterian Church Administrative setup - Synod atanga indawtin a lem hmangin emaw, a thuin emaw e-mail: ah min lo thawn theih chuan a lawmawm ngawt ang. Chu chu kan Branch chanchinbuah te leh a remchan dan azir zelin kan lo inzirtir ve atan kan ti a ni.
I rawngbawlpui,
VZ Kapa Thomte Daido, Mizoram.

Email atanga engkim inhrilhfiah chu a harsa deuh ang a. Sakramen Department zirlai bu-ah khan Synod inkhaichhawn dan leh a chanchin chu a awm nual  kha, lo inhai chhin teh a...

Subject : Visiting Synod for crusade

The Moderator/Exeutive Secretary, Mizoram Presbyterian church synod. Greetings to you in the Matchless Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Dear Man of God, Our dear Bishop's from church of south india (Andhra Pradesh) attended for conference last month attended at your synod. They thanked god very much by seeing your Receptiveness,Hospitality and Heart for God and his Kingdom.and shared with us. Bishop.Dr.B.S.Devamani,Diocese of Dornakal(csi) expressed his wish to visit our ministry(Dr.Ananda Stira,Ministry of Jesus,Trichy) to your synod. We have conducted revival crusades in Nandyal Diocese and Dornakal Diocese where Bishop.P.J.Lawrence(CSI Diocese of Nandyal and Bishop.B.S.Devamani were the chief patrons for these crusades and witnessed the Living God Jesus Christ is with Dr.Ananda Stira and wiping out the tears of people in sorrow and confirm the word with Signs and Wonders. thousands of people participated in these crusades heard the word of god and gave their lifes to jesus,re committed their lives,Many were healed and received healings and miracles.(in these meetings Lame walked,Blind saw,tumors disappeared,Deaf and Dum heard and speak) Muslim girl saw jesus comming to her and delivering her testified. A woman sleeping in railway station saw jesus appearing and removed her tumor in stomach. Name of JESUS was lifted up and churshes revived. It is our previlage and honour to do our ministry in your synod. About the Servant of God. Dr.ANANDA STIRA, M.A.LMP.,SB.,FISTM(UK).,D.D.(USA-IS) web site : Ayoung boy lost his parents in his childhood,suffered from asthma,kidney failur and was despised in all ways.Having been denied higher education inspite of being the class topper he lost all hope confidence.Aching for true love he attempted Suicide for more than 500 times.The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him and gave him a new life. Though he could not earn single degree because of bias and prejudice, the lord blessed him with several doctrates.3 times he was awarded as asia No.1 in his medical research by W.H.O. at the age of 32 he was affected by jaundice and passed into deep coma.Jesus took him to Heaven and called him for his Ministry.Now by his abundant grace, the Lord is using him and his family mightily all over the world. This is Rev.Job Livingston Paul,(Spiritual Son)writing this letter to you after talking to Bishop.Dr.B.S.Devamani(Diocese of Dornakal.) I would like to come and meet you personally. we will be waiting for your reply. Thankyou, GOD BLESS US Rev.Job Livingston Paul,M.Com.,M.Th., +91-94408 61979,+91-8556 222034 Andhra Pradesh.

Forwarded to the Moderator, Mizoram Synod

Subject : Consider our gospel work on your Prayer.

Dear Sir, Greetings to you in the precious and merciful name of our Savior Lord Jesus Christ.I humbly request you to allow to introducing my self.I Rev.P.C.Bantu praising my God for choosing me and my Co-Workers to proclaim the love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ in our parts of India"Woe is unto me,if I preach not the Gospel" 1.Cor.9:16.We have small Ministry the name of Ministry is ZION FELLOWSHIP MINISTRY,please pray for our Ministry. We reaching the gospel to unreached groups we thanks God that many perishing souls have come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through our Ministry We reaching the gospel to different Villages,Towns,Slums and tribal areas.Still there are thousands of Villages without Gospel and Millions of

People yet to hear the Good New of Jesus as people worship idols,nature animal,snake,cows and trees for this we need your prayers and co-operation to go forward in our Lord's Great Commision to Reach and Win many lost souls for the extension of His Kingdom. We ask you in Christ to Join Hands with us to pray fervently for great Revival and for soul wining of India.

Presently we working in State of Orissa,there is great persecution going on against of Christian People,Past year thousands of Christian people they stayed in relief camp and hundreds of families they left their houses and went different Cities to stay there because of fear.Many believers,Evangelists and Pastors they sacrificed their lives for God's work. Our Pastors and Evangelists they going Village to Village and proclaiming the Gospel to unreached people even we are getting persecution yet we are not forsaking to proclaiming the Gospel,through gospel of Jesus somany people are saved coming to Church so kindly consider our part of Orissa Ministry on your Prayer.

We requests to you kindly come and Visit our Orissa Ministry, We have small small shade type Churches where we doing Sunday Services and also we doing Sunday Services at homes.We working among Hindus and we doing Sunday Services at Hindu Villages. Our Pastors and Evangelists need helps for gospel work and also they need Bicycle for gospel work to go Village to Village to proclaim the gospel so kindly pray for them and also pray for our poor Children and widows those are suffering for physically no one looking for them.


Thanking You Your Sincerely Rev.P.C.Bantu

Subject : Sermon update

Synod website a sermon hi a ngaihnawm thei khawp mai. Amaherawh chu a thar a awm lo riau mai...hei ai hian a update ran theih deuh em? Kan tangkai pui teh a nia. Sermon thar tha tak tak kan lo beisei reng a nia

Sermon ziak hi khawnkhawm tam a harsa khawp mai. A sawi thiam deuhte pawh hian ziak hi an an nei mai lo thin a. Kristian Tlangau, thla tina kan rawn dah thinah hian Sermon chu a awm ziah bawk ang.

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