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Kan rama sikul leh college bakah zirna hmun hrang hranga thawktute leh zirlaite tan

Hindi Bible School, Bawngkawn leh Mission Development Training Centre, Bualpui North-a thawktute leh Training mekte tan

Indiarama Theological College hrang hrangte leh Senate of Serampore College (University) tan


Subject : Information

Hi I live in Australia and I have been looking into God's work in India. I just heard about the incredible work God has been doing in Mizoram and I was so happy I literally started clapping. I am so excited for this work. I was wondering if I could get some information about the Mizoram Presbyterian church. How many churches are there? How many people are a part of the Mizoram Presbyterian Churches? Are there points for prayer that I could share with the brothers and sisters here?

Thank you very much Your brother in Christ

Rick Warner


Statistics For the Year ended 31st AUGUST, 2011
a. The Church
i. Presbyteries 43
ii. Districts/Pastorates 275
iii.Churches 1152
iv. Branch Churches 707
v. Preaching Station - -
b. Ministry
i. Ministers 465
    Active 250 -
    Retired 177 -
ii. Probationary Pastors 49
iii. Elders 5018
c. Total Member in the Church
i. Communicant 375941
ii. Non-Communicant 163792
iii. Under Discipline 12367
iv. Unbaptized 10767
Total   562867
iii. Males 279674
iv. Females 283193
Total 562867

Subject : Inquiry for missionary job under Mizoram synod

Dear sir, Rev.Lalzuithanga Greetings in Jesus name! Sir, first of all i would like to introduce myself.I am pastor john working among the hindu community in maharastra since from 2010 till date.I am working as an independent pastor serving among the maharashtian. Dear sir my humble request to you is that if the synod secretiate could help us in our endeavor we will be greatful to you.

Yours in Christ, Pastor.John Kom

Message forwarded to Rev. Lalzuithanga

Subject : PCI dan bung 3:1 thu

Presbyterian Kohhran member zu zuar tih hriat chian leh an rui lai hmuh ngeite chu PCI Dan bung 3:1 angin hma lak ni se tih hi. PCI Dan bung 3:1 thu chu kan va hre duh ve.
- K. Vanlalneia

The Constitution of the Presbyterian Church of India Chapter 3:1


Discipline is a necessary feature in Church governance. It has important spiritual implications that involve prevention and correction of members so as to help them develop healthy Christian growth and faithful discipleship for the purity of the Church and the glory of God. Discipline shall be administered by the Church court.

All members of the Church whether lay or ordained are subject to discipline if they commit any offence. Offences that call for discipline are murder, fornication, adultery, witchcraft, worship repugnant to Christian faith and any other offence on which the Synod deems fit to take disciplinary action

Subject : Senior Zirlai

Senior zirlaibu hi download tur a dah theih em? IN upload theih chuan a lawmawm ngawt ang.
- L. Thangmawia

Dah chu a dah theih a, mahse zirlaibu zawng zawng hi kan dah vek lo mai. Puitling Zirlaibu chauh dah a ni. 

Subject : Periodical download ka duh.

Pu Zahawm tak, He website-a periodical te hi download-a chhiar ve ka duh a, khawngaihin min pui thei ang em? 2010 march hma lam zawng hi ka down load thei lova.


Kan lo endik ang e.

Subject : PCI Biennial General Assembly 2012

Rawngbawlpui duh tak, A hnuaia url hi keini Champhai Vengsang Kohhran in Information & Publicity comt hnuaia kan blog siam a ni a, a theih ang leh a remchan angin Mizoram Synod link ah min lo dah sak turin ka ngen che a, Chu baka a theih anga kan blog siam te pawh min lo thehdarh sak turin kan ngen ache In rawngbawlpui Chairman Info&Publicity Committee Vengsang Kohhran, Champhai

A lawmawm e. Kan weblinks-ah leh a remchang apiangah kan lo thehdarh dawn nia

Subject : more details

i want more details about yesu masih kindly send books, magzine or other. TRILOK P. CHHAJER, 111, VIVEK SADAN , P.O.-CHADI , DIST-JODHPUR RAJASTHAN PIN- 342312

You may contact Synod Mission Board: Emai: or Phone No: 0389 2325899

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