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Mipat hmeichhiatna hman khawlohna leh suahsualna chi hrang hrang laka kan lo fihlim zel theih nan

Zu leh ruihtheih thil avanga harsatna tawk mekte leh an chhungte tan

Indiaram President, Governor-te, Central leh State-a sorkar officer lian zawng zawngte tan

PRAYER REQUEST [Submit A Request]

Please pray for the salvation of my best friend Sohrab, he is a non believer of the Zaurastrian faith, he believes that Jesus is not the only way to the Father but one of many ways. He is presently in India on a secular mission trip, I ask that the Lord take him off his track just as he did Saul before he became Paul, and renew his spirit. I ask for the Holy Spirit to hover over him and empower him. I ask that the Lord remove the blinders from his eyes and enlighten him with his presents. I ask that the Lord have mercy on him as he transforms him in this country. Let him come home with a testimony that praises the Lord Jesus every day of his life. Give him revelation that Jesus is the only way to the Father. I feel an urgency and a pressing from the Lord to call on the Lords prayer warriors to intercede for this young man, please come along side me and present this man to the Lord. Bless you.




 October 19 (Thawhtanni)

Khawtlangah leh sawrkarah eirukna leh mahni hmasialna a bo theih nan

Kan rama motor driver leh lirthei khalhtu zawng zawngte tan, accident a awm lohna turin

Nepal rama kan Mission rawngbawlna hnuaia thawktute leh Kohhrante tan

 October 20 (Thawhlehni)

Tualchhung, Bial, Presbytery leh Synod-a Committee hrang hrang tan

India rama Kohhran hrang hrang – Church of South India (CSI) , Church of North India (CNI), Methodist leh a dangte tan. Pathian ram zau nan thahnemngai taka a thawh zel theih nan

Patna Mission Field-a thawktute leh Kohhrante tan

 October 21 (Nilaini)

Kan ram chhunga Damdawi In hrang hranga damlo leh thawktu – Daktawr te, Nurse te leh thawktu dangte tan

Loneitute, huan neitute leh kut hnathawktu dang zawng zawngte leh Kohhrante tan

Siliguri Mission Field-a thawktute leh Kohhrante tan

 October 22 (Ningani)

Lung In tangte leh an chhungte leh tang enkawltute tan

Magistrate-te leh Judge-ten dik taka ro an rel theih nan. Ukil te pawhin thudik tilang tura rinawm taka an thawh zel nan

Tripura Mission Field-a thawktute leh Kohhrante tan

 October 23 (Zirtawpni)

Ram venghimtu sipai zawng zawngte tan

Sawrkar Department hrang hrangin ram leh hnam thatna tura thahnemngaihna nen an thawh zel theih nan

Synod Hmangaihna Ina thawktute leh nau hnuchhamte tan

 October 24 (Inrinni)

Pathian duh zawnga kan ram leh hnamin hma a lo sawn zel theih nan

India rama Theological College hrang hrangte leh Senate of Serampore College (University) tan

Synod Multipurpose Training Centre (SMTC) leh Missionary Training Centre-a thawktute leh training mekte tan

 October 25 (Pathianni)

Zu leh ruihtheih thil avanga harsatna tawk mekte leh an chhungte tan

Synod Literature & Publication Board (SL&PB) rawngbawlna leh thawktute tan

Home Mission North & South – a thawktute leh Kohhrante tan


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