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Kan rama sikul leh college bakah zirna hmun hrang hranga thawktute leh zirlaite tan

Hindi Bible School, Bawngkawn leh Mission Development Training Centre, Bualpui North-a thawktute leh Training mekte tan

Indiarama Theological College hrang hrangte leh Senate of Serampore College (University) tan




April 6 (Nilaini) chhun dar 12:00 khan Synod Moderator Rev. C. Lalsanglianan Mission Veng Kohhran Biak In sak thar a hawng.
Biak In thar hawn hma hian Biak In tualzawlah Aizawl Chhim Presbytery Moderator Rev. R. Lalengmawian Souvenir Bu – Bawlhmun Bethel tih chu a tlangzarh a, hetah hian Mission Veng Kohhran lo indin tan dan leh chanchin ngaihnawm tak takte tarlan a ni. Synod Moderator-in a hawn hnu hian Biak In chhungah Inkhawm neih zui a ni a, Mission Veng Bialtu, Pastor H. Lalrinmawian Inkhawm hi a kaihruai a, Kohhran Secretary Upa Lalliansawtan Kohhran hruaitute inhmelhriattirna neiin report a pe a, Biak In sak report kimchang Building Secretary Upa Tawnengan a pe bawk. A hawngtu Synod Moderator Rev. C. Lalsanglianan thuchah a sawi a, Mission Veng Kohhran Zaipawl, Synod Choir leh Zaipawlpui (member 700) ten Pathian fakna hla an rem bawk. Upa C. Hualkungan lawmthu sawi tawngtaina hun a hmang a, Rev. Dr. Lalngurauva Ralte, Mission Veng Bialtu thinin malsawmnain inkhawm a tin a ni.
Mission Veng Kohhran hi kum 1898-a ding tan anga ngaih a ni a. Tun hma lam chuan Zosapte sikul te,  P.C. Girls School te leh Sikulsen (Boys’ LP School) te hmanga inkhawm neih thin a ni a. Tuna biak in awmna hi Hriangmual Bawlhmun, Ramhuai biakna hmun thin a ni a. Hetah hian kum 1913-ah biak in neih tan a ni a, a satute chu Khasi lungchher leh Punjabi mistiri te an ni a. Sikulsena an inkhawm laiin harhna a lo thleng a, inkhawmna inah  an len tak loh avangin zo leh zo lovin  kum 1913 April 17-ah harhna nen luah luh tan a ni. He biak in hi kum 44 chhung (1957 thleng) hman a ni a. Rev. J.M. Lloyd-a hovin biak in thar sak a ni a, hetih chhung hian Jubili Hostel, Mission Vengthlang-ah inkhawm thin a ni a.  Biak in thar chu Mizo mistiri-te sak a ni a, a sakna senso atan hian Mizoram chhung leh pawna kohhran hrang hrangten tha an thawh nasa hle a. A senso zawng zawng chu Rs. 62,264.76 a ni a; thawhlawm thawh dan za zela chhutin hetiang hi a ni:
Mission Veng Kohhran 79.2%
Hmun dang (Sapram, Burma, India ram hmun hrang hrang atangin) 14.4%
Synod 6.4% (Mizoram chhunga Kohhran hrang hrang thawh khawm)
Kum 1964 August 27-ah biak in thar chu luah tan a ni a, Mizoram chhung leh pawna Mizo Kristiante biak in intawm anga ngaih a ni a, Biak In Pui tia a hriat a ni ta nghe nghe a. Inkhawmpui Lian chi hrang hrang nghahna bera hman a ni a. Kum 1965 khan Salvation Army hote pawhin an Centenary lawmna atan an hmang a ni. He biak in hi kum 47 zet luah a ni a, kum 2005 October thla khan thiah a niin Biak In Pui thar din a ni ta a. Biak In Pui thar hian thil dang a keng tel nual a, a chuan hnuai lamah lirthei dahna (parking) te, hmun ruak hman tangkai theih (semi open hall) te, Kohhran Hall 2 ( a lian leh te deuh) te leh a hnung lamah Office leh Library, Committee room hrang hrang leh Chowkidar Quarters te a awm bawk a, a sakna senso hi Rs. Nuai 700 zet a tling tawh a, tunah hian cheibawlna neuh neuh chhunzawm tur a la awm nual bawk a ni.
A hawnnaa inkhawm zawng zawng 3,000 chuang
Zaipawlpui member zat 700
Ruaitheh zat 4,000 vel
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Pics courtesy: Samuelapa, Matluanga, RDee-a, Joe R.Z. Thanga & Akima

Zanin hian lawmthu sawi inkhawm neih a ni ang a, Rev. Lalbiaktluanga, Ex-Pastor i/c Mission Veng Bial-in Pathian Thuchah a sawi ang. April 7 (Ningani) zan atang hian Chanchin Tha Beihpui inkhawm an nei tan ang a, Speaker tur chu Rev. Vanlalzuata a ni a, campaign hian Pathianni zan thleng a awh ang.

Mission Veng Kohhran Pathian Biakhona Hmun Click Here

Mission Veng Biak In hawnnaa Synod Moderator Thuchah Click Here


Greeting from Rev. & Mrs. Allwyn Roberts 

Thiante U,

On behalf of my wife and I, I would like to wish you every blessing on the opening of the new church building.  Mission Veng occupies a very warm place in our hearts since for the seven years that we spent in Mizoram it was our spiritual home.

We remember our many friends who were fellow-members of the Church and the benefit which we received from their fellowship.  It is also a special place in that it was in the Church there that our only son, Zosanga, was baptised.  We remember in particular the role that the Church played in the dark days of discord and war.  The morning prayer meetings held during those days were a source of great strength in troubled times

Apart from our personal memories Mission Veng has always been a symbol of the relationship between the Presbyterian Church of Wales and the Church in Mizoram,  It is always the parents delight that a child should grow stronger and better than they themselves and it is a cause of great joy that the witness of a small church in Wales should be continued in so splendid a way in India and beyond through your  efforts 

Please accept our congratulations and good wishes on the opening of this splendid new building and may you be richly blessed in your continuing witness,

Yours most sincerely,

Alwyn and Mair Roberts 

Date Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 2:11 AM 

Greetings from Rev. Angharad Roberts (Pi Zopari)

Dear Friends,

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ on this day when you are opening the new Mission Veng Church building.

It does look indeed a fine and beautiful building in the photographs. My prayer is that the life of church (kohhran) that meets in this building (biak in) will be as beautifull as the building. God can do his work in our midst without buildings, but not without people completely dedicated to Him.

And so I send you my greetings and  prayers that this day will be a day of re-dedication for all the congregation. 

Yours in Christ

Zopari/Angharad Roberts

Date Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 5:19 PM

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